In 2016 members of the LGBT+ community at King’s College London came together with film makers, researchers and service providers to explore mental health issues that affect the LGBT+ community and break down stigma. “Through the Rainbow Lens” is the result of their work. The film explores a range of mental health issues faced by the LGBT+ community in a succinct, frank and refreshing way. It also explores the issues faced by those in the LGBT+ community because of the lack of supportive, empowering and enabling socio-political-cultural and economic structures regardless of sexual and gender identity.  This contributes to the alienating experience that most LGBT+ people go through in their formative years and into later life.  The film covers topics including coming out, bullying, internalised homophobia, structural stigma, micro-aggressions and unconscious bias. This film is useful viewing for those working in the sector and with the LGBT+ community.