Learning Disability Week.JPGEmployment is the focus of this year’s Learning Disability Week. Different organisations will raise awareness of the benefits of employing people with a learning disability. Our organisation, BSUH NHS Trust has structures in place to enable people with learning disabilities to receive the right support to access and stay in work.

It is well-known that working can help people feel good, develop skills and improve confidence. In general, learning disability advocates have argued for more support for people to find and stay in work, and develop in the workplace.

It is estimated that around 8 in 10 working age people have a learning disability which can range from mild to moderate. However, less than 2 in 10 are in employment. If we consider those with more severe learning disabilities, the figure stands at 6 in 100 in work. This compares with 49% of the wider disability community and 79% of the general population being at work.

The main barriers to employment facing people with a learning disability are:

  • Lack of support to get and maintain employment
  • Attitudes of employers and co-workers
  • Lack of understanding about the support to provide
  • Uncertainty about the capability of those with learning disabilities.

To get more information on learning disabilities and employment see: