Capture.JPGReducing health inequalities experienced by LGBTI people: What is your role as a health professional?

18th to 19th October 2017, Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton, UK

The Health4LGBTI Pilot Project, financed by the European Union, aims at getting
a better understanding of health inequalities faced by LGBTI people (lesbian, gay,
bisexual, trans and intersex people) and the key barriers faced by health professionals
when providing care for LGBTI people. A training course has been developed to increase the skills, knowledge and attitudes of health professionals in the provision of care for LGBTI people, and help reduce the inequalities LGBTI people face.

The project team is piloting the training course in 6 EU countries. This phase
will allow them to evaluate the training course and improve it. When adjusted, the training course will be publicly available for any health institution, organisation or
health professional willing to replicate it.

Who is this training course for?

All registered health professionals who have regular contact with patients (e.g. nurses, midwives, doctors, allied health professionals etc.); healthcare trainees/students (e.g. doctors in training, student nurses, AHP students); health and social care staff (e.g. healthcare assistants, assistant practitioners); administrative staff who have regular contact with patients (e.g. receptionists).

What are the conditions?

This training course is free of charge. You are invited to participate in 2 half days of
training (including theoretical and practical/interactive methodologies) and provide
your feedback.

What will I get from this training course?

Knowledge of health inequalities faced by LGBTI people and of challenges met by
healthcare professionals, and concrete tools to use in your daily practice.

How can I register?

Please contact for more information on the training course and about the registration procedure.