We celebrate World Braille Day on the 4th of January in honour of Louis Braille, inventor of a reading and writing system which has helped people all over the world. Louis Braille went blind aged five, and at 15 years developed the system which became the standard for educating people who are blind and partially sighted. The Braille system is a representation of letters and symbols within a grid in rows. People who are blind can use the system and be included in communication and educational opportunities. It has lessened isolation and promoted innovation in the blind community worldwide.

In the UK one in 180 people are registered with a visual impairment and need information in an alternative format. The Accessible Information Standard came into force in 2016 to ensure that disabled patients receive information in formats they can understand and read. More information can be found in a handy leaflet by the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB).