What factors  are important in making you feel safe, comfortable and confident sharing  monitoring information?  If you’re aged 18+, identify as LGBTQ+ and live, work or socialise in Brighton & Hove, the Brighton LGBT Health and Inclusion Project would like you to join a consultation about sexual orientation and gender identity monitoring (not currently done, may be implemented in the future) in healthcare and council services.

Why is sexual orientation monitoring important? The general consensus is that equalities monitoring will help service providers understand the demographic profile of users so they can plan and target services more effectively to address issues such as inequalities in health outcomes and discrimination in service provision. It will also help service providers provide evidence about staff training requirements and identify any gaps in knowledge of particular segments of the population.

Want to get involved in helping to shape services and provide your views on monitoring policies? Contact Sophie.Barnes@switchboard.org.uk or call 01273 234009 to book a space. Refreshments will be provided and you will receive £10 as a ‘thank you’.

Where: Community Base, Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3XG, UK

When: 13th February, 6pm to 8 pm