In recognition of International Transgender Day of Visibility on the 31st of March, BSUH NHS Trust will be running a month of information and activities. Please use the resources to explore gender identity and inclusive workplace practices. If you need advice or guidance please contact the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team directly.

Week One: Words and Meanings: Pronouns
Think about your own gender identity. Every single person has some sense of themselves as a gendered being. Take some time and think about when you first became aware of your own gender, and how it developed as you grew older. Then, start to imagine what it would be like if your sense of gender hadn’t matched your body. How would that feel? What would you do about it?

Video resources

A short video about names and pronouns for trans people.

Sh*t people say to non binary trans people: A short comedy film from Brighton activists Fox & Owl responding to the inappropriate things people say to non binary folk. Harry the Hateful Hipster and Rósa the Icelandic Traditionalist ask Fox & Owl some silly questions about being non-binary.

Things not to say to a non-binary person: Short film from BBC3 – Whether it’s asking which genitals you have, which toilets you use, or whether you’re gay, here are some of the questions that non-binary people are totally over hearing.

Learning: Creating Authentic Spaces_Pronouns

Practice: Staff meetings gender neutral description games. Respect the terminology a trans person uses to describe their identity.