A useful online resource and project developed by the Economic and Social Research Council UK, the Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK) and Religion and Society Programme. The website is part of an ongoing project which investigates Queer Spiritual Spaces in contemporary Britain and the United States. Participants are still sought for different categories and there is a resource page with a list of further reading. Contact details are on the website.

The aim is to explore:

  • What is the place of queer people in spiritual/cultural traditional spaces?
  • What is the place of spirituality (identities, practices and spaces) within queer lives?
  • What does queer spiritual space/place itself mean?
  • Where do queer spiritual spaces/places exist? – In the bodies of individuals, in community, in queer spiritual texts, in specific or moveable spaces of worship, in cyberspace, in visibility, or in secrecy?