Invitation to Contribute to The Annual Brighton Trans, Non-Binary and Intersex Conference 2018 (19 to 20th July 2018)

(You can register to attend the conference without contributing to the formal programme, registration will open in May 2018).

Any queries please contact: or 01273 643988

Keynote speakers

  • Professor Stephen Whittle, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Holly Greenberry & Dawn Vago, Intersex UK
  • Munroe Bergdorf, Model, Activist and University of Brighton Alumni

Conference comperes: Fox & Owl

The Annual Brighton Trans, Non-Binary and Intersex Conference 2018 invites trans, non-binary and intersex  people; researchers; people from the public, community and voluntary sector, and those who want to know more about trans, non-binary and intersex lives and issues to the 2018 conference.  This is a call for those who want to contribute to the conference and gives some details about the conference itself.

Aim of the conference Alongside Brighton Trans Pride (20th-22nd July 2018), this year’s Annual Brighton Trans, Non-Binary and Intersex Conference seeks to bring trans, non-binary and intersex people, researchers and allies (as well as those who seek to work better with trans, non-binary and intersex people) together in order to work towards making a more trans, non-binary and intersex inclusive society.


Invitation The conference steering group and organisers would like to invite you to co-create this conference, by presenting research and learning, offering a workshop or a creative output on issues that affect trans, non-binary and intersex people and trans, non-binary and intersex communities. We invite trans, non-binary and intersex people to create workshops, present talks or to engage in other ways around areas of interest/concern. We would particularly like to encourage those less visible in trans, non-binary and intersex communities, including people of colour, sex workers, disabled people, deaf people, to contribute if they wish. We invite researchers doing work on trans, non-binary and intersex issues to present their research to trans, non-binary and intersex people, service providers and policy makers.

We invite frontline workers, heads of services, community and voluntary sector workers and policy makers to share their activities around trans, non-binary and intersex inclusion and to seek critically constructive feedback on their actions.

We understand that these groups are not mutually exclusive and no one is asked to identify in any particular category.

How to tell us that you want to contribute to the 2018 Annual Trans, Non-Binary and Intersex Conference, and what will happen when you submit your proposal.

 To contribute to the conference, you will need to submit an outline of what you would like to do (no more than 250 words, but it can be less than this). This will need to be submitted by email to by the 20 April 2018.

Not all submissions will be accepted because of the limited time and space during the event. You will hear if your submission will be part of the conference by the 7th May 2018. A programme will be released in June, please plan to attend the entire event (19-20th July), but indicate with your submission if you would like not to present on the half a day where police and other statutory services will be present.

As a presenter, you can expect to have a timeslot of approximately 15-20 minutes (although we may ask you to participate in a different way if there are too many presenters) and a room allocated where other people will be presenting on similar issues.

  • If you want to run a workshop, you will be given 45 minutes and your slot will be shared with another workshop that will also run for 45 minutes.
  • If you want to perform, you will be given 20 minutes, although you can request a maximum of 45 minutes.

On the day of the conference people can choose to attend your session on the basis of what you submit and your title.

Access The building is fully accessible and sign translators can be appointed if needed. Please let us know when you register if you require this or any other support

Cost and registration:

All presenters and attendees must register to attend and pay where appropriate. There are limited spaces available, and the conference sold out last year in early June.  We expect to sell out earlier this year, so please register early. All categories of attendees will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

The categories of attendance (self-defined and no proof will be needed) and costs are:

  • Trans, non-binary and intersex people – free, but must register in advance
  • Staff from the University of Brighton/University of Sussex/Brighton & Hove City Council/Sussex Police/Brighton & Sussex NHS Trust, those from the Community and Voluntary Sector – free, but must register in advance
  • Not supported by employers or organisation to attend – £30
  • Community/student/postgraduate rate: Supported by employer, university or organisation to attend – £60
  • Full rate: Supported by employer, university or organisation to attend, full employed rate – £90

At the conference registration and during the conference, no distinction will be made between categories used to register for the conference.