In recognition of International Transgender Day of Visibility on the 31st of March, BSUH NHS Trust is running a month of weekly information and activities. You can still access resources for Part One and Part Two. If you need advice or guidance please contact the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team directly.


There are a range of pronoun badges available for your different work areas at BSUH NHS Trust. Contact the EDI Team for information.

Week Three: Supporting and understanding

Film by Stonewall: Come Out for Trans Equality.

Trans activists Fox & Owl Fisher explain why non-binary identities are valid and non-binary people deserve to live with dignity and authenticity.

Film by Praytell: Trans 102

Humorous look from trans and non binary people about bathrooms!!

Practice: At meetings and events, set an inclusive tone.

Simple tips from a slideshow: How to avoid misgendering someone & what to do if it happens.

Facebook resource: This is what non-binary looks like

This is what non-binary looks like – a video resource created by Fox & Owl for London Pride.

Sh*t people say to trans people – a comedy sketch highlighting some of the more ridiculous and bizarre things people say about trans people.