BSUH NHS Trust has circulated pronoun badges to staff in the run-up to International Transgender Day of Visibility on the 31st of March. The Trust has been part of the Equality and Inclusion Partnership group which brings together public sector and voluntary organisations to work together to deliver equality, diversity and inclusion across the city of Brighton and Hove.

The pronoun badges initiative is voluntary and it is hoped that it will provide staff with the opportunity to explore gender identity and the needs of different patient and staff groups. The badges will be available in different areas of the hospital. If you would like some badges for your staff or ward area and/or you would like further information about the initiative, please contact the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team.

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Getting discussions and conversations going

  1. Why are you doing this campaign? The campaign has been timed to coincide with international trans day of visibility on Saturday 31 March and aims to raise awareness of trans and non-binary people and better understanding of gender identity.
  2. Where did the idea for the campaign come from? It follows the city’s Trans Needs Assessment and Trans Equality Scrutiny group which identified the trans and non-binary community as a vulnerable group and highlighted the need to remove the stigma and build relationships. Similar badges were produced for the Trans and Non-Binary Conference held in the city last summer and there was enthusiastic support to roll the idea out across the city.
  3. Who else is involved in this campaign? The local Clinical Commissioning Group, East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service, Sussex Police, the universities and local community groups such as Trans Alliance, All Sorts and LGBT Switchboard.
  4. Do you have to wear a badge? The badges are voluntary to wear and no-one will be expected to wear them if they don’t want to. If you don’t want to wear a badge, that’s okay, and you should not be challenged on your decision.
  5. Where can residents go if they’re looking for support around trans and non-binary issues? There are many organisations who can provide support. Here’s a list of local services for trans and non-binary people:

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