Recognised around the world, the International Transgender Day of Visibility celebrates people who identify as trans and raises awareness about discrimination and inequity faced by different parts of the community.

Queer icons by Gabriel Garcia Roman

Art by Gabriel Garcia Roman

BSUH NHS Trust launched a month-long initiative on the 1st March and  through information in staff weekly bulletins, joining the city-wide pronoun badges initative and providing staff and patients with weekly online resources, covered the following areas:

However you choose to recognise the International Transgender Day of Visibility, we list a range of articles, publications and videos below which you can use to join the conversation about trans visibility.


international Transgender Visibility Day 2018, Kolkata, India


  1. Articles

How to make your office truly welcoming to transgender and gender non-conforming workers

Six ways to be more inclusive of transgender people in the workplace

Introduction to Transgender Inclusion

Transgender employees

2. Publications

Brighton and Hove Trans Needs Assessment

Trans Living in Brighton and Hove

Transgender Policy Guide for Employers

ACAS supporting trans employees in the workplace

3. Films

Raised Without Gender – documentary on Sweden’s policy for Gender Neutral education

Transgender in the Workplace

Like you

Grammar & linguistic learning
Stonewall | Acceptance Without Exception

Video: Gender Neutral Pronouns