The Association of LGBT Doctors and Dentists (GLADD) is planning a series of educational events throughout 2018: The GLADD Salon Series. This is designed to highlight controversial and less discussed elements of LGBT health in a safe environment.

The first event is on the 11th of July 2018 in London. It is called ‘Transitions: A Journey Through the LGBT Life Course’. Discussion will centre around LGBT health at different stages of life.


Presentation topics include:

–     The health of adolescent LBWSW, with a focus on pregnancy rates in this population – Prof Catherine Meads, Anglia Ruskin University

–     The legal view point on parental responsibility of non-genetic parents – Mr Gerald Wilson, Tanfield Chambers

–     LGBT issues affecting older adults, with time given to HIV care in elderly people – Dr Tom Levett, University of Sussex

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