There was a strong presence of BSUH NHS Trust staff at Trans Pride Brighton this year. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive and we look forward to supporting our trans, non-binary and intersex staff and patients throughout the year.

Staff from across the Trust contributed to and supported the event. Below are some of the highlights from this year.

  • The LGBTQ+ Staff Network stepped up as volunteer stewards and publicised the event widely.
  • Our Clinical Media Centre put together posters to promote the event.

Trans Pride.png

  • Our Communications team wrote copy for our Trust-wide publication, Buzz, and also included information on digital services.
  •  BSUH Midwives (below) were at the park and on the march with specially made pink, blue and white sashes.

BSUH NHS Trust Midwives at Trans Pride Brighton 2018

  • The hospital flew the Trans flag for another year from the Barry Building (main hospital entrance). The Estates team were brilliant at getting it up and flying on time.

Trans Pride flag over BSUH NHS Trust

  • Clinic T staff (below) were on the parade and at the park.

Clinic T

  • The EDI Team and other BSUH staff attended events around the city including the conference.

Marianne Griffiths (Chief Executive) The Trust was a proud sponsor of the Annual Brigthon Trans, Non-Binary and Intersex Conference.

Below is a video of the event by My Genderation.