Dr. Carter G Woodson

Black History Month was proposed and promoted by Dr. Carter G Woodson in 1926. He was an American historian and scholar committed to addressing the neglect and misrepresentation of black history. He believed that educational programmes could help address racism in society.

Black History Month is recognised annually in the USA, UK and other parts of the world.

There will be a range of resources made available throughout the month on the Equality Hub in recognition of the history and work of black healthcare professionals in the UK.

Three black healthcare professionals you may not have heard about.

Dr.Agnes Yewande Savage (1906-1964) was born in Edinburgh and graduated in medicine (University of Edinburgh, 1929). She won a medal in forensic medicine and was awarded a prize as the best woman graduate.

Dr.Harold Arundel Moody (1882-1947) was born in Jamaica and studied medicine at King’s College London. He set up his medical practice in Peckham, London, in 1932.

Dr.John Alcindor (1873-1924) was born in Trinidad and worked in many British hospitals before establishing a his practice in Paddington in 1907.

Agnes YS

Dr. Agnes Yewande Savage (1906-1964)

Harold Moody

Dr. Harold Arundel Moody (1882-1947)


Dr. John Alcindor (1873-1924)