The 8th of October is recognised as International Lesbian Day. It provides the opportunity to explore lesbian history and recognise contributions by lesbians to wider society.

Lesbian health issues

In healthcare in England, the outcomes for lesbians tend to be poorer than for heterosexual women. A report by Public Health England, published in March 2018, called Improving the health and wellbeing of LBWSW reviewed available literature on lesbian health and also highlighted the paucity of data about lesbian. Some themes continue to emerge as shown in the diagram below – and PHE concedes that there is considerable work to be done, especially given that there is so little in the way of data or research into lesbian health. Lesbians are almost always neglected in studies, representation and organisational structures. This is especially the case for lesbians with disabilities and lesbians who are women of colour.

Lesbian health and wellbeing.jpeg


Martina Navratilova, one of the world’s most accomplished athletes, a lesbian and activist for women’s rights. One of the few public figures who supported AIDS awareness at the height of stigma against people living with HIV.