The first International Pronouns Day is recognised on the 17th of October 2018. The aim is to make asking, sharing and respecting pronouns routine in all environments. It is a mark of respect to ensure that correct pronouns are used, especially for people who are transgender and gender non-conforming. Those who are privileged without having to correct people about pronouns can show their support by adding pronouns to their email signatures, wearing pronoun badges, when introducing themselves including pronouns and by encouraging discussion around gender identity and genderized language and societies. International pronouns day is primarily rooted in the English language context – many other languages do not have gendered personal pronouns.

The Equality office has pronoun badges, resources, toolkits and much more. If you are interested in making your ward area or office more open to those who have been historically marginalised, then contact us direct: We also run Q&A sessions for all BSUH staff who request it.