Around the world it is estimated that around 37 million people are living with HIV – most of them live in poverty and continue face considerable stigma and discrimination. Cultures, societies and institutions which silence or erase the voices of those trying to raise educational levels and awareness of sexual activity and safe-sex continue to disrupt support mechanisms for those at risk. They also counter-act the work being done by those trying to save lives through safe-sex campaigns and early testing.

World AIDS Day has been observed on the 1st of December every year since 1988. The theme this year is know your status.

Knowing your HIV status enables you to access HIV treatment, prevention, care and support services. All services will also provide you with additional support in the form of someone to speak to or refer you to a confidential service. You will also be able to back informed choices about prevention options.

  1. In the UK an estimated 101,200 people are living with HIV.
  2. It is largely concentrated among certain key populations, including men who have sex with men and black African populations.
  3. Coverage of antiretroviral treatment –  96% of those diagnosed are now accessing treatment and 94% are virally suppressed.
  4. Key challenges – late diagnosis and fall in awareness about HIV and transmission.
  5. Rates of late diagnosis are highest in heterosexual men (60%) and heterosexual women (47%). This is a particular issue in black African communities, amongst whom 65% of men and 49% of women were diagnosed at a late stage of infection.

WAD in Brighton 2018

In Brighton, choirs and musicians will be at the annual World AIDS Day fundraising concert on 01/12/2018. From 6pm, candlelit vigil at the AIDS Memorial Sculpture (by Romany Mark Bruce) in New Steine gardens, followed by concert at St Mary’s Church, 61 James Street, Brighton.

Further information

Public Health England 2017 Trends in new HIV diagnoses and people receiving HIV-related care in the United Kingdom: data to the end of December 2017