World Braille Day, January 4th 2019 is an international day to  recognise the right of access to braille and to raise awareness. Some 253 million people worldwide are blind or partially sighted. Braille is recognised by the United Nations (UN) Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) in Articles 9, 21 and 24 which encourages access to braille (in buildings, signage, learning facilities etc.) and asks signatories to the Convention to facilitate this.

What are the challenges?

  • Braille literacy is not offered in most mainstream schools globally.
  • Shortage of teachers qualified to teach braille.
  • Many countries throughout the World have not included braille in their education system.
  • Inadequate legislation to guide the implementation of braille literacy.
  • Braille equipment is expensive
  • Few organisations allocate resources and budgets to promote and facilitate the use of braille.​

What about BSUH services?

All patients who request it are able to receive information in braille. Staff or advocates just need to contact the Equality Team so we can action this for individuals. Make sure you are also able to provide general health information in braille when needed.

You can find out more about braille on the RNIB website (Royal National Institute of Blind People).