NHS Long Term Plan 2019

The NHS has published it’s long term plan today. The focus is on integrating delivery across services and providing support for community services and building resilience in the general healthcare of the population. As an employer of 1.4 million people, with an annual budget of £114 billion in 2018/19, the health service creates social value in local communities. Some NHS organisations are the largest local employer or procurer of services, and much of the long term plan is about finding synergies across different types of services to improve efficiency, add value and improve communication to raise the standards of care for everyone. A sizeable portion of the plan is also about attracting and retaining staff to meet the different needs of the population. The full report can be found on the NHS website.

Below is a summary of the top 10 main points from the plan.

  1. Expansion of community health teams to provide rapid support to people in their own homes to reduce emergency admissions.
  2. NHS to be given additional duties to prevent and address health inequalities. Hospitals need to analyse data and set out measurable goals for the populations they serve. A core area of work earmarked for acute hospitals is to provide those with learning disability and autism with better support to access services.
  3. By 2028 the plan commits to dramatically improve cancer survival.
  4. There will be a drive to improve the architecture of the NHS system which will include action on workforce, technology, innovation and efficiency.
  5. Flexible rostering will become mandatory across Trusts to support staff and there will be additional funds for continuous professional development.
  6. There will be a push to double the number of volunteers working in the NHS.
  7. Continued investment in Integrated Care Systems.
  8. There will be support and direction to balance service delivery across the different NHS providers – community, primary care and secondary care – ensuring that cost savings can be made that reflect different ways that service is being delivered.
  9. Additional measures to improve engagement are being implemented to strengthen public and patient consultation.
  10. Better support for patients, carers and volunteers to enhance ‘supported self-management’ particularly of long-term health conditions.



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