1. Empower staff to be confident  and knowledgeable about working alongside  and delivering care to those who are transgender and people who are gay, lesbian and bisexual.
  2. Staff are encouraged to develop fit-for-purpose initiatives in their specific areas and in their fields.


Intersectionality is at the centre of the work to ensure that the needs/experiences of LGBT+ people of colour, those with disabilities, those from faith backgrounds, etc. are not overlooked or ignored. This is vital if we are to address health inequalities.

Support from professional bodies

Patient first

In 2019 the Royal College of Nursing, Unite and UNISON stepped forward to support the BSUH LGBT+ signifier initiative demonstrating consensus by high profile, influential professionals, about the need to address LGBT+ experiences of healthcare and working for the NHS. Their support has gone a long way to combat stigma in a short period of time and we thank them for their support.  To keep up-to-date with developments, follow us on Twitter @BSUHEquality.