Many of our staff have opted-in for rainbow lanyards/badges. Continuous improvement is part of inclusion programmes for operational enhancement for staff/patients/the community/stakeholders. If you use our hospital services, or work for BSUH or visit the hospital please give us just 2 minutes of your time to provide your views on our LGBTQ+ signifiers programme. Thank you.

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Do you and/or your team or your colleagues from different wards feel that you need for information and guidance on gender and sexual diversities? This is a complex area which can leave some people fearful of saying the ‘wrong thing’. Olivia King run’s workshops across Trust sites to encourage people to learn about patients and other staff who are diverse in gender and sexual orientation. The workshops can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the needs of the people requesting it. Contact her via to book a session. All discussions at the sessions are confidential.