The Network is open to all BSUH NHS Trust staff who identify as LGBTQ+ and allies. Contact them by email or via Twitter @BSUH_LGBTQ.

‘The Social Side’ Sign-Up Flyer, April 2018

The new BSUH NHS Trust Corporate Induction ‘sign up’ card has proved so popular it’s about to be rolled out Trust-wide.  The card lists the range of staff health, wellbeing and community activities, and other benefits/services available at BSUH – including the LGBTQ+ Network.

At the last Corporate Induction, 48% of new starters completed a card, and expressed interest in an average of six groups/activities each.  We’ve now welcomed 14 new Network members from the first six inductions – hello!

So, a Trust-wide campaign is a chance to get the word out about staff, and about the LGBTQ+ Network.

BSUH LGBTQ+ Network Flyer

BSUH NHS Trust Social Side 2018 sign up flyer