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What is the Equality Hub?

Across the world, effective, safe, high quality, patient care is inextricably linked to a fair and equitable working environment for healthcare workers. Equality and inclusion directly affects staff, patients and all aspects of organisational culture and operations.

The aim of the Equality Hub is to inform, support and assist BSUH NHS Trust, and beyond, to promote equality, diversity and inclusion for all patients, communities and National Health Service (NHS) staff. With our increasingly complex and networked health service – across structures, economies, systems and communities – our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion needs to be consistent, transparent and up-to-date in the NHS.

Sharing best practice, resources and learning across different parts of the healthcare service will help to deliver fair and equitable services to patients, communities and staff.

The Equality Hub covers a wide range of topics such as the protected characteristics included in the Equality Act 2010: age, ethnicity (incl. nationality), disability, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation and religion or belief. We also regularly post information and resources about global and local human rights events and guidance for equality trainers and human resource specialists.

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