You can use the resources below and those on the tabs to access:

  • additional information about protected characteristics;
  • suggestions on assisting patients with diverse needs;
  • information on how BSUH aims to support staff and patients.

British Sign Language (BSL)

BSL Basic Signs


Your rights in work – carers


Accessible Communications Guidelines

Accessible Information Standard

NHS Accessible Information Standard

NHS Accessible Information Standard – Making Services More Accessible

NHS Accessible Information Standard Version 1.1


Consent a Guide for People with Learning Disabilities

Disability and Reasonable Adjustments

Due Regard Assessment Tool September 2016 V5

Gender identity

Supporting Trans Staff and Patients

Transgender Euro Study by Whittle, Turner, Combs and Rhodes

10 Tips for Improving Services for Trans People

Fair Care for Trans Patients

Brighton & Hove Trans Needs Assessment 2015

Trans positive organisation


LGBT-Inclusive Communications

Refugees, asylum seekers and migrants directory

Brighton and Hove Sanctuary on Sea Resources

Sexual orientation

Sexual Orientation The Equality Act by Stonewall

Stonewall Role Models in the Workplace

LGB suicide prevention toolkit

United Nations (UN)

UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in Child-Friendly Language


Women’s Services in Sussex